Music: Giorgio Battistelli

Words: Sarah Woods


WAKE starts with the myth of Lazarus. Brought back from the dead, he’s unable to speak. Persecuted, he begins a perilous journey in a boat with no oars.

We all have moments in life when everything changes. Moments that turn the world upside down.  

He’s not alone with his experience.

Giorgio Battistelli's music guides us through a Sea of Humanity where words alone fail.

Are you ready to come back........?


Creative Team

Director: Graham Vick

Designer: Richard Hudson

Choreographer: Ron Howell

Conductor: Jonathon Heyward

Chorus Master: Jon Laird


Dates & Tickets:

World Premiere 14 March 2018 and four performances 17, 18, 19, 20 March 2018. 

All performances take place at 8 pm in a Birmingham City Centre location.

Tickets will be available on this website from early February.



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