Libretto A Preis and D Shostakovich
After the short story by Nikolai Leskov
English version based on the translation by David Pountney
Conductor Alpesh Chauhan 
Director Graham Vick 
Design Block9 
Movement Director Ron Howell 
Lighting Design Giuseppe Di Iorio
Chorus Master Jonathan Laird
Birmingham Opera Company Chorus and Actors


The wife has married for money.
She and her husband are tyrannised by the Father in Law bitter that they have not bred him a grandchild.
When the husband leaves on business the wife takes a lover - a new worker. The Father in Law finds out and whips the lover to the brink of death. The wife poisons her father in law. Determined to make her new found happiness last she kills the husband, hides the body and marries the lover.
The police, unhappy at not being invited to the wedding crash the party and find the body.
In prison, she finds out exactly who she has married.


The Wife Chrystal E Williams The Priest James Ioelu
The Father in Law Eric Greene  The Father in Law's Ghost Eric Greene
The Husband Joshua Stewart The Chief of Police Quentin Hayes 
The Lover Brenden Gunnell The Arresting Officer Themba Mvula
The Engineer Themba Mvula The Socialist Edward Harrisson
The Driver Dominick Felix  The Drunken Guest Dominick Felix 
The Maid Grace Nyandoro The Prison Guards Themba Mvula, James Ioelu
The Seedy Lout James Kryshak  The Prisoner Eric Greene 
The Porter Andrew Clarke The Pole Dancer Lilly Papaioannou
The Steward James Ioelu The Other Woman Grace Nyandoro
The Three Foremen Andrew Clarke, Dominick Felix, Jack Sandison