"Too sexy!" is what one reviewer proclaimed following the UK premiere of Rameau's masterpiece "Les Boreades". This might have been the offending scene...


A scene from Act II of CBTO's LES BOREADES

When the production opened at the Mayfair Suite in Birmingham on 21 April 1993 he was in the minority. "A tribute to the enterprise and tenacity of CBTO ... its most ambitious undertaking to date", is what one reviewer thought (Rodney Milnes, The Times) while wrote that the production had a "touch of genius" (Michael Kennedy, The Sunday Telegraph). 

A scene from Act I of CBTO's LES BOREADES

Or as Richard Morrison writing for The Times said: "Only madmen or geniuses would dream of putting on an unknown 18th-century opera in a burnt-out ballroom in the middle of the Birmingham Bullring. Which brings us to the City of Birmingham Touring Opera..."

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