Government is on the brink of collapse...

 Winner: Best New Production at the International Opera Awards

Performed at The Freedom Tent in Cannon Hill Park in April and May 2014.

For our first Russian opera, there was only one candidate - Mussorgsky's thrilling insight into the very nature of human motivation. Called a people's drama, Khovanskygate's vast canvas of characters peoples and issues made it a natural fit. 

Since that decision, world events have caught up with us in 2014 and the past is indeed the present. Mussorgsky questioned our possibility to change. As Tsar Peter's distant fanfares herald the promise of a brighter future will we build the "new Jerusalem" in this world or wait for it in the next? 

It's the modernists against the traditionalists...

"Nearly 500 people - 80 musicians from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, actors, dancers, an enormous chorus and the CBSO's Children's Chorus - have worked with a professionalism which, after seeing so many of these BOC productions, I have come to believe only Graham Vick could muster. The international, multicultural, multi-everything cast was expertly chosen." - Fiona Maddocks, The Observer 

For an in-depth discussion of the production, visit the BBC's Music Matters Podcast.

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