In the past 10 years alone, Birmingham Opera Company has performed in over 200 spaces: in youth centres, homeless shelters, disused factories and now the iconic Tower Ballroom in Edgbaston. 

In 2008 the disused Sherbourne Rubber Factory became the home for King Idomeneo. 

The Sherbourne Rubber Factory on Icknield Square, before we started work in 2008.

Troy has fallen, the Greeks have won and King Idomeneo (Paul Nilon) his on his way home to Crete. His son (Mark Wilde) waits anxiously for him as a deadly storm threatens to drown the King and his fleet. Idomeneo strikes a disastrous bargain with the Gods: in return for his life, he will sacrifice the first person he meets. Washed up on the shore his son is the first coming towards him... Was it worth it? 

Stuart Nunn's stunning designs and Giuseppe di Iorio's lighting design transformed the disused place into Idomeneo's kingdom. Audiences were advised to wear sensible shoes (generally a good idea for any Birmingham Opera Company production) and were cast in the role of prisoners of war until freed by Prince Idamante. 

Paul Nilon led a stellar cast, including Mark Wilde (Idamante), Anna Dennis (Ilia), Donna Bateman (Electra), Iain Paton (Arbace), Andrew Clarke (High Priest) and Keel Watson (The Voice) and a company of actors and singers from Birmingham. 

Anna Dennis as Princess Ilia in King Idomeneo (2008).

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