HE HAD IT COMING - Don Giovanni 2006

Actions will be weighed and counted... When the time comes, pay the price. And he did...Read more

Stoned sheep and nipple tassles: Candide 2003

"The show was the most exquisite, challenging and enjoyable experience I have ever had."Read more

A light of hope in the darkness: Fidelio 2002

"What our work is trying to do is not only involve and excite audiences, it's trying to take forward and experiment and push the boundaries of the art form itself - of how we might perform it, explore it, be excited by it." - Graham VickRead more

A major experiment - Votzek 2001

"The future health of opera depends on it embracing the whole of contemporary society and that means being a part of it and being prepared to change as rapidly as society itself." - Graham Vick, 2003Read more

Too sexy! Les Boreades 1993

"Only madmen or geniuses would dream of putting on an unknown 18th-century opera in a burnt-out ballroom in the middle of the Birmingham Bullring. Which brings us to the City of Birmingham Touring Opera..."Read more

A small Ring with great magic: Ring Saga 1990/91

Graham Vick and Jonathan Dove's version captures the mighty essence of Wagner's masterpiece in 10 hours of music that can be performed across two evenings with just 12 singers and 18 orchestral players. The pocket-sized miracle opened at Stockland Green Leisure Centre, Birmingham on 12 November 1990 and toured halls and sports centres up and down the country.Read more

Ravi Shankar's first opera: Ghanashyam 1989

"The suspicion that this was to be no ordinary night out in Erdington was confirmed by the sight of former Beatle and Shankar student George Harrison sitting a few rows behind me in conversation with Birmingham rock guitarist Jeff Lynne." - Terry Grimley, Opera Now 10 Years of CBTORead more

The Magic Flute 1988 - 2018

Thrilling audiences at 17 (often unusual) venues across the country, City of Birmingham Touring Opera's Magic Flute (in English and with the full dialogue) was a massive success. The show was so popular, that after performances at the Stockland Green Leisure Centre and Colmers Farm Leisure Centre, Birmingham City Council was inundated with requests for a re-run.Read more

How it all began: Falstaff 1987

In the Autumn of 1987 director Graham Vick and conductor Simon Halsey staged a production of Verdi's Falstaff in Cocks Moors Wood Leisure Centre, Birmingham. With a reduced orchestra (arranged by Jonathan Dove), it was the beginning of the world's most radical and exciting opera company.Read more