We reflect the city we work in – with our audiences, artists and the stories we tell. Our ground-breaking work constantly attracts new and ever-changing audiences. Unlike other opera houses, we make our outreach work central to the artistic product. Our participants from all over Birmingham – singing their story - make opera accessible to new audiences and introduce new ideas.

Every year our small team draws some of the world’s most exciting artists to Birmingham and trains over 100 volunteer participants to create a large-scale performance in an extraordinary space. We perform in warehouses, shopping centres, train stations - once we even performed in a burnt out ice rink. Without a fancy theatre and fixed seats, the experience of opera is so direct, you’re inevitably a part of it.

"I believe we can take inspiration from the fantastic programme run by the Birmingham Opera Company, which combines professional singers and musicians with community performers, and in doing so engages a far more diverse audience with an art form that might otherwise be thought of as inaccessible." 

- Jeremy Corbyn, The State of the Arts 

"BOC continues to be one of the glories of English cultural life, and I would rather miss any other company’s productions than its."

- Michael Tanner, The Spectator

"The international, multicultural, multi-everything cast was expertly chosen."

- Fiona Maddocks, The Observer