Birmingham's best-kept secret

You should forget everything you think you know about opera because it's something completely different. Discover and share Birmingham's best-kept secret.Read more

Jennifer's Story - Video

"I think it’s important for everyone to have a creative outlet because if no one's being creative, nothing in the world can happen." Jennifer volunteers with Birmingham Opera Company in the chorus. This is her story.Read more

Gamar's Story - Video

Gamar fled Sudan in 2016. Looking for a purpose in the UK, he volunteered with Birmingham Opera Company in the chorus. In 2018 he started working for the Company as a translator, supporting a group of young Sudanese refugees taking part in Wake. This is his story.Read more

Junelle's Story - Video

“Art and community together can produce something beyond your wildest imagination." Junelle, Volunteer ActorRead more

Changing the face of opera for 20 years - Video

"What we're trying to do in Birmingham Opera Company is just trying to give the chance to all those people and say maybe this is for you and you just don't know about it." - Graham Vick, Artistic DirectorRead more


A glimpse behind the scenes at B 12 Warehouse. Rewriting the rules of opera.Read more

The Director's Cut - Video

Artistic Director Graham Vick shares his thoughts about Birmingham Opera Company's 2018 production Wake.Read more

In the wake of Wake - E Book

Download your free ebook with pictures, information and reviews.Read more

Graham Vick's Keynote Speech at the Royal Philharmonic Society Awards

'You do not need to be educated to be touched, to be moved and excited by opera'. Graham Vick was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Royal Philharmonic Society Awards. This is a transcript of his speech.Read more