Birmingham: over 1 million people in 10 Districts. And over 100 events each year delivered right across the city by Birmingham Opera Company through the 10 District Programme. We explore singing and voices, acting and movement, performance skills, relaxation, words, craft and the big themes in opera (basically, the big themes in life). We tailor workshops and events to suit the interests of the people we’re working with. With no fixed venue, the city is our opera house. We come to you.


Well, usually we do. In these strange times, we’re putting together an online offer. It involves live online workshops and pre-recorded material that you and your group can engage with at your own pace, all led by members of our artistic team. It’s flexible, so tell us what curious about and we’ll create something for you. Or take a look at the list below and let us know what sparks your interest. All activities for are for participants aged 16+.


Musical journey

Breathing, relaxation, energy, emotions & taking care of yourself, with a dose of music & opera. This live online workshop lasts 1 hour and is suitable for any group. We’re experienced in adapting our work to suit different needs, including people whose first language is not English. Just let us know what works for you. To find out more or book a slot, just get in touch! Details below.


Singer-songwriter Reisz Amos takes you through a series of breathing exercises. It’s relaxing, as well as a great workout for your voice and all the parts of the body you engage when you speak or sing. This pre-recorded material lasts 10 minutes and is suitable for any group. Available on request.


Ryan from Urban Concepts draws on some great music to take you through a series of movements you can do in any space. Perfect for anyone who wants to get moving and connect with their body. This pre-recorded material lasts 15 minutes and is suitable for any group, including people whose first language is not English. Available on request.


Poetry & the Power of Music

Live online workshop, Thursday 18th June, 7-8pm on Zoom

An hour of words, creativity and the power of music. Theatre director Gitika Buttoo & published poet Empress P are ready to get the words flowing with games, exercises and inspirations to suit all levels of experience. This workshop is open to all – sign up with other people you know, or as an individual.


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